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Emotional Resilience Workshop

Seven Holistic Developmental Stages

Emotional Navigation Techniques


Send your valued staff on a deeply enriching, fulfilling experience. They'll come back focused, refreshed, and tough to rattle!


I'm Colleen Kielton, President and Founder of the Vibrance Center of Michiana, Inc. Our mission: Uplift Humanity. I've been working with clients in my private holistic stress relief practice since 2012, teaching emotional navigation and holistic development along with an energy therapy called Reiki.


Through sorting years of education, experience, independent study and working with my clients, I began noticing patterns of feelings and behaviors associated with missing or partially formed holistic developmental stages. To teach individuals how fill in these gaps of emotional development, I developed the Emotional Resilience workshop series.  These same developmental stages recur in every individual as they grow into adulthood. I teach simple activities to bring these stages up to speed.


The benefits that my clients were seeing as a result of these workshops were deeply moving. I realized that this conversation about emotional resilience needed to become a program to teach to larger groups. This workshop series is the step before the steps of personal development. It primes the soul to make the most of every other training they may experience. Those same stages of development apply to groups forming just as they do individuals.


For many, this is the first time in their lives that they begin to getting to know themselves and unleashing their passion. I'm sure you can see how this aspect alone could benefit any group. Imagine an entire staff with focused, unleashed internal fire!


To bring this program to Corporate America, I have developed a workshop to cover the content within a 90 minute workshop to an eight week workshop series.


The difference in the length of the workshops would be the depth to which your attendees would like to experience renewal. Trust among the attendees is very helpful. Groups attending should be chosen accordingly. Hatfield's and McCoys might benefit from separate arrangements ;-).  Ideal group size is twelve or fewer. Attendees for group workshops may be from one organization or combined with others.

Retreat Rates:

Full Day Retreats: $129 per person

Half Day Retreats: $69 per person

Multi-Day Retreats: Contact

Weekly Workshop Series: Contact



(Additional fees may apply as other instructors may come to lead the section.)

Self-Portrait Art Project with charcoal (1-2 hours)

Yoga (1 hour)

Meditation (1 hour)

Journaling (1 hour)

Self-Defense (1 hour)

EMDR (1 hour)


Every retreat includes personal processing as the nature of the content sometimes plucks a deep chord. Journaling, walks in nature, meditation are among the processing time activities.


To set an appointment to discuss a retreat for your organization, contact,

or text or call Colleen at (574) 904-9183.


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