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Best Fundraising Idea!


Too many people have no idea how good they can feel,

how much their lives will improve when they feel good,

nor how much control they have over how good they feel.


The Vibrance Center of Michiana, Inc., will set up tables at events and offer deeply discounted packages for your organization to sell. For each package sold, we donate a generous portion of your sales from the day of the event and through the next seven days following the event.


Alternative option: If we are unable to set up at the event, we will set up a donation page for your event's fundraiser! A great opportunity for everyone!


As a holistic stress relief service, the best matches for our services are health organizations, law practices, trauma resources, mental health, veterans, addictions, athletic events, tournaments, races, anywhere where mential and physical recovery and restoration are paramount.


Purchases will be honored by participating practitioners. For more information contact, call or text: 574-904-9183.



Employee Appreciation


To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order. To put the nation in order we must put the community in order. To put the community in order we must first put the family in order. To put the family in order, the individual must have his heart in order.



     What could benefit your company more than to wave a blanket of de-stress and restoration over your employees? As Starbucks founder, chairman, CEO and corporate culture innovator Howard Schultz practices, setting the tone internally is the first priority. The tone set will naturally flow to the rest of the stakeholders.

     As I have learned through martial arts training and my holistic practice, setting the core of a system right will inevitably result in the system performing well. I teach leaders how to balance the adrenline rush of stress and the restorative recovery time.

     I leave participants with simple, easily remembered tools to balance themselves and I teach them how to know when they need those tools, which builds resilience. Resilience building is the magic of success. My program is simple yet powerful and once participants learn the techniques they can call upon them anytime they need them and they are simple enough to show others as well. My purpose is to teach and set free on a productive path. (Yes, this will teach me out of a job but if everyone learned these techniques, I will be left with a thiving community!)




How much?


     Your organization is unique so I can only give ballpark figures. I base my rate on the value of my time per individual, not how much I can squeeze out of your organization. For a ballpark figure, multiply my rate of $69/hour by the number of people in your team and the amount of time you would like each participant to invest with a 90 minute minimum and three hour maximum per session. The difference in the length of time is the amount of depth of the sessions.


     My intention is for the cost of this training to be much more than cost effective. I work one on one or in small groups, up to six participants, where the members of the group have trust among them or in small groups where trust may need to be developed.


     What I cannot do is "fix" a problem for an organization. This program requires the investment of the consciousness of leadership as well as the participants. The particpants learn processes that will benefit every aspect of their lives. In about three months after your seminar series, we'll revisit to see how things are improving, refresh the techniques, and maybe learn a few more!


For more information contact, call or text: 574-904-9183.
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