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The underlying purpose of everything we do is to assist you on your path from the mindset of "making it, barely making it, satisfied, surviving," to living in your enthusiasm with zest for you life purpose. Yes, we help you discover your purpose too!


At the Vibrance Center, we teach, practice, lead retreats, teach emotional resilience, volunteer in the community.


The common thread ~ ENERGY. At the core of everything, is a frequency of vibration, that is a wave length. This frequency affects everything in our lives. We all have been setting the level of our frequency all of our lives, most of us without knowing it!


We are here to teach the plexus of emotions and energy flow within us giving you access to your own control knobs. Too many people have no idea how good they can feel, how much their lives will improve when they feel good, nor how much control they have over how good they feel.


Every practitioner you find through this Center is here to teach you how to use the holistic tools to keep yourself happy and healthy. We are here to show you where your power is, how to access it and how to utilize it.


Come on in and let us begin your new journey!   ~   ~   (574) 904-9183   ~   224 W. Jefferson, Suite 202, South Bend, IN 46601