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Too many people have no idea how good they can feel,

how much their lives will improve when they feel good,

nor how much control they have over how good they feel.



Each practitioner at the Vibrance Center operates independently. They rent space from the Vibrance Center's current location or they may practice out of their homes or travel to you.


As of this moment, all practitioners have been trained by Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, Colleen Kielton. As our Reiki Masters gain more experience and feel confident in their teaching abilities, this will change as more Reiki Masters will be teaching here and in other areas. The Vibrance Center's mission is to teach to teach so that everyone may become the wonderful Reiki Master Teacher who lives within.


Suggested Rates:

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master:

$89/hour session

$50/half hour session

Package: $356/$200

Colleen Kielton


Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

$69/hour session

$40/half hour session

Package: $276/$160

Alishia Ritchie


Level II or Second Degree Reiki Practitioners

$49/hour session

$30/half hour session

Package: $196/$120

Dawn Anderson



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