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Frequently Asked Questions

About Receiving Reiki:


What is Reiki?

Reiki is simply energy. Energy is everywhere, in everything, and at the core of everything. Reiki energy is known as a high frequency of energy. When higher frequencies of energy are experienced, it typically results in higher performance. Ultimately, every cell in your body relaxes.


What happens in a Reiki Session?
The client usually lies on a Reiki table (massage table) in comfortable clothing in a restful position. The Reiki therapist first scans the energy field with his or her hands feeling areas or pockets of disturbances or tension. Next the therapist places his or her hands lightly on points on the body following the body's energy channels for a few minutes at each position. Followed up by a final combing through the energy field.


How long does a Reiki Session last?

Typically, a session lasts about an hour. Although, even minutes can make a difference. It is similar to taking a minute to catch your breath. That one breath matters!


How often should I have a Reiki session?

Reiki finds most people when they are in crisis and don't know what to do. In this situation, most people choose a package of five sessions and use them within 3 to 5 weeks. It's a great idea to maintain at least monthly. A weekly Reiki session will keep you performing at your peak.


How does Reiki heal?

Reiki relaxes every cell in your body. This intense relaxation allows your body's incredible abilities to go to work. Maybe think of Reiki as high performance fuel for your engines. Your engine works so much better when properly fueled.


How long does it take to notice benefits of Reiki?

Most see results during their first session. Many notice several things as they work through the week following the first session. Most say right away that they feel rested, as if they received a full night's sleep.



About Learning Reiki:


How do I know if I can learn to do Reiki?

I love the analogy that anyone can do Reiki just like an electrical current can flow through water. When trained in Reiki, the pond becomes a channel, stream, or river having focused flow, with much more strength.


Will I learn to give a Reiki Session?
In my classes we go over giving a Reiki session and I host many opportunities to practice. I will attend Reiki sessions with my students as schedules permit as well. If you want to learn, you have the opportunity.


How long does it take to learn?

Reiki Levels I&II are taught together in a weekend class or otherwise scheduled 16 hours of class time. This training gives you the tools to practice Reiki. It's a great idea to continue to practice with others to feel competent with our abilities.


How much does it cost to learn Reiki?

I follow the industry standard of tuition. $410 for Level I&II, $1025 for Reiki Master Teacher and also $1025 for Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. I teach more than the standard Reiki training including much more in depth with the energy fields, law of attraction, the power of intention, energy channels, chakras, and emotional resilience. All of these extras are the reason we practice Reiki and I feel are a necessary part of your Reiki training.


What is the difference between levels of Reiki?

Each level is a higher frequency of Reiki energy. Clients report feeling the difference in levels.


What is the Plexus Methodâ„¢?

The Plexus Methodâ„¢ is a method of finding the source of the presenting problem utilizing Reiki combined with the chakras, parts of the body, energy channels, and layers of the energy field.   ~   ~   (574) 904-9183   ~   224 W. Jefferson, Suite 202, South Bend, IN 46601