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Stress hinders this amazing work of your cells. Reiki destresses your body allowing optimal functioning of what your body is already equiped to do.

This Veteran, Daniel Atkinson, was in a lot of pain before his Reiki session. He had no expectation of being able to remaining in one position during the session!


Next Holy Fire Reiki I&II

Certification Class:

January 6 & 7, 2018

(Saturday & Sunday, 9-5pm)


                 Becoming Certified as a

                  Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner                       throug

                       What is Holy Fire Reiki?

                           Holy Fire is the latest evolution of Reiki energy. It used to be that the Reiki energy first flowed through the practitioner to the client. Now the Reiki energy flows directly to the client. As a student, the Reiki energy activation works the same way, no longer potentially muddled, mishandled, or diffused by flowing first through the Reiki Master. The energy comes straight to you in its purest form. This practice was tested on 250 people before it was offered to the public. The reports from the testing were that Holy Fire Reiki is much more expansive than the regular Usui Reiki. I personally feel the Holy Fire Reiki continuing to expand within me. I immediately felt as if a deeper dimension had been added to my practice after taking the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher certification course. Holy Fire is a simpler process that produces a significant improvement in the process and practice.

For currently practicing Reiki Therapists: If you would like to upgrade to Holy Fire contact me for details.


Future Advancements

As soon as six months after you take your Holy Fire Reiki I&II certification classes, you are eligible to take your Advanced Reiki Techniques and Reiki Master Teacher class. I offer continuous opportunities to student teach. As a student trained througth the Vibrance Center, you may earn commission by refering students to my classes, join in my classes as a refresher, or as a Master Teacher co-teach classes with me until you feel compentent to teach on your own. Please contact Colleen for more details if this appeals to you.


For those who are serious about your Reiki career, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher certification may be taken six months after your first Reiki Master Teacher class. This is currently the highest level of Reiki energy.


As you can see, you have an abundance of opportunities awaiting! As a level II, you may earn $49/hour, as a Reiki Master $69/hour plus teaching income. Although the income is good, you will quickly realize that the most treasured aspect of this work lies in the Reiki experience and peace that you bring to others. It is my pleasure to answer all of your questions! (574) 904-9183.


Much love to you on your journey!


Colleen Kielton, Founding President


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Class Calendar




Recreational Reiki $89

December 9, 2017

Noon to 4:00 pm

$49 this class only.

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Holy Fire Reiki Certification Courses

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Holy Fire Reiki I&II $410

January 6th & 7th

February 3rd & 4th

March 3rd & 4th

April 7th & 8th

May 5th & 6th

June 2nd & 3rd


Holy Fire ART/Master Teacher Certification $1025


October 21st, 22nd, & 23rd, 2017


All classes begin at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm and are held in Granger, Indiana unless otherwise specified. Your deposit secures your place in class. Class registration is not refundable but you may apply the tuition to other classes in the class year.


Ongoing Support

Taking certification classes with the Vibrance Center of Michiana, Inc. begins your journey. One receives the ability to access the Reiki energy in the certification classes and learns how to use the energy on themselves and others. Anyone can learn to give Reiki. I spent several years developing my practice, learning how to discuss Reiki with others, how to market my practice, developing my confidence and competence in practicing, and I now enjoy teaching others to do the same. What has taken years to develop cannot be taught in a weekend class which is why I offer ongoing opportunities to continue to learn and practice. If you trained at the Vibrance Center, you will have a multitude of opportunities to develop your competence and confidence in yourself. Also, once you become certified through the Vibrance Center, you will be invited to participate in all of our ongoing trainings and volunteer opportunities.


Holy Fire Reiki I&II
Holy Fire II ART/Reiki Master Teacher
Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master
Reiki Plexus Method™
Tapping into the energy field of a friend.
Holy Fire Reiki Level I&II Holy Fire Reiki brings a more expansive Reiki that continues to expand with time. As a Level II Reiki Therapist, you may begin your private practice, work on friends and family, volunteer at Reiki Meets, and treat yourself. The photo shows students working on long distance on a friend of one of the students. Classes are two full days, usually a Saturday and Sunday. They are offered quarterly: March, June, September, and December. The Reiki Plexus Method™ is taught in this class. Tuition: $410. Upgrades to Holy Fire Reiki I&II with the Plexus Method™ from an Reiki Level II with valid certificate: $150. Students who choose to upgrade attend the full two day class.
Holy Fire II ART/Reiki Master Teacher After students have practiced for at least six months they are eligible to upgrade to the Reiki Master/Teacher level. As a Reiki Master you will be given the ability to share Reiki with others, certifying them up to your level of Reiki. Your Reiki energy is now at a higher level and your abilities increase. As a student through the Vibrance Center, you may partner with our classes to teach your students. Three day classes usually Friday, Saturday and Sunday are offered twice a year in April and October. Tuition: $1025
Amazing that everyone was feeling the same areas of energy stress.
Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher is the highest level of Usui Reiki. Reiki Masters who have been practicing for at least one year are eligible to take this three day class. In this photo students were working on a woman who was not able to be present due to the extent of her cancer. Classes are offered in May every year. Tuition: $1025
Bilocation work.

The Reiki Plexus Method™ utilizes the integration of the energy centers, the energy channels, the energy field, emotions and their associated body areas, to identify the source of disturbances in the subtle energy body.


The framework of the Plexus Method™ is taught during the advanced Holy Fire Reiki Certification Classes. We look into the Plexus Method™ deeper  during the Holy Fire II ART/Reiki Master Teacher Certification.



Holy Fire Reiki I&II
 Certification Classes are scheduled throughout the year. Classes may also be scheduled for individuals, small or special groups.
Recreational Reiki
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