Holistic drug rehabilitation South Bend, Indiana

New Location! 224 W. Jefferson, Suite 202, South Bend, IN in the Trigon Bldg, across from the County City Bldg

Welcome to the Vibrance Center of Michiana, Inc. where you leave your stress at the door. Whether you have landed here to learn more about yourself, more about Reiki (holistic energy therapy) or how to navigate your emotions, or to shift your Corporate Culture, we have something for you at the Vibrance Center. The most common response to our work is: feeling of relief, rejuvenation, revival, and release of tension, conflict, and worry. We work with you as an individuals or with a group. We recently launched Emotional Resilience Workshops, facilitated by our Founder and Director, Colleen Kielton, which is a guide for individuals to move from vulnerability of many kinds, to anchored emotional resilience, releasing feelings of victimization. This workshop may be led individually, in a group setting, in a corporate setting. This workshop can be used as a guide to rewrite culture. Welcome! Click around, see what we have for you! We are seeking a stand alone facility for our holistic restoration center.

Holistic drug rehabilitation South Bend, Indiana

Holistic drug rehabilitation South Bend, Indiana

Holistic drug rehabilitation South Bend, Indiana

Did you know that your natural state is peaceful

and free from fear and anxiety?


Are you ready to return to your peaceful and sacred inner self?

What's in it for you?

With Holy Fire Reiki ~ Karuna Reiki and the Plexus Method™, become a volunteer with tremendous value, bring deep peace to your family, build a healthly source of income doing holistic restoration. Register.

Meet our Holistic Professionals

Colleen kielton, Founder & President

Paul enright, dipl. Acup.

Doug scripture, MS

Emotional Resilience Facilitator, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki ® Master Teacher

Reiki Plexus Method™

Paul has been practicing acupuncture since 1998. He has extensive training and experience.

Doug practices in Michigan as a counselor. In Indiana, Doug leads workshops in trauma recovery.

Holistic drug rehabilitation South Bend, Indiana

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